Wine Lover vs. Contemporary

by Eda
(United States)

My fiance and I have recently decided to begin some decorating changes throughout our home. Although our kitchen is last on his list (he doesn't spend much time there) I would like a second opinion...

I am a wine lover. Thus, the majority of my deco in the kitchen pertains to wine, of course. When I think wine, I picture a vintage, cozy, comfortable atmosphere. Of which, more or less, is what my kitchen currently looks like now.

My fiance, on the other hand, loves contemporary; very simple and crisp; black and white; artsy. While I do like his style, it seems a bit too stiff for me. I am more the cottage on the lake where he is more New York City.

I guess it is also important to know, most of my kitchen deco have been gifts (from my mother and sister who know my absolute love of wine). Although they all go together well and it is very cozy.

I am wondering if I can somehow fit contemporary into all of this without losing it's current charm (not to mention the sentimental value of all my things)?

I have no idea where to even begin! I suppose there are some things I am willing to let go if I must, but I would much rather implement a design to make us both happy.

I think you can successfully merge your two styles. But are you redecorating or remodeling?

Redecorating ideas:
FOR HIM: Paint the walls a soothing neutral and change out your cabinet hardware to contemporary style.
FOR YOU: Decorate the backsplash area with wine decor you can hang.
FOR BOTH: Find a "modern" style poster that features wine, frame it and hang it in a prominent spot.

Remodeling ideas:
FOR HIM: New streamlined cabinets, sleek neutral countertop.
FOR YOU: Glass doors on the wall cabinets for a more cottage-style look. A rustic "country" island or eat-in area that is decorated with wine items. Vintage lighting over the island or table.

It might just be the decor in the kitchen is a bit overwhelming for your fiance, and he'd accept your style better if you use your wine decor more sparingly in the kitchen. You might create a pretty display area with some of the items somewhere else like your family room or entryway.

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Jul 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

We are not totally remodeling, just paint and deco. But you have great ideas! This helps to know we can mesh our two styles. I will keep you updated!

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