Traditional Kitchen Design

Traditional kitchen design is a classy, elegant style that combines history and tradition with personal expression.

18th and 19th century English and American design styles blended and evolved into today's traditional design.

Start with this style's basics...and create your own look!

Not sure where to begin finding the style that's really you, one you can live with for years to come?

If that sounds like you, traditional is a perfect starting point.

This photo shows the classic traditional kitchen...

...beautifully detailed cabinetry, crown molding, tumbled travertine tile backsplash and granite countertop.

Traditional kitchen design - style basics:

  • Elegant and formal but with an inviting, comfortable feel.
  • Timeless rather than trendy.
  • Balance and symmetry.
  • Focal points, often using cabinetry of staggered heights.
  • Marble or granite countertops.
  • Raised panel cabinet doors, often with arched panels.
  • Crown molding and other ornate details.
  • Faucets and hardware that are more detailed - less streamlined - than modern style.
  • Walls in soft muted colors with white or ivory cabinets - OR - deep, rich tones with mahogany or cherry cabinetry.

Design Details:

The homeowners chose rich, dark Kraftmaid cabinetry with black appliances, set off by a lighter backsplash, countertops, walls and flooring.

They also like both the look of modern things and antiques. The "chandelier" and the over-the-sink pendants - as well as the stainless touches throughout the room - add nicely to the mix of preferences.

Using taller wall cabinets makes the kitchen actually look larger, as well as adding more storage.

Because the room opens onto the dining room, a somewhat formal look to the kitchen matches up well to the elegant dining room furniture.

Traditional is the ideal beginning for other styles

A modern kitchen "softened" with the comfortable elegance of traditional style.

Transitional - the newest look in traditional! Classic traditional beauty without the "jewelry" (crown molding, etc.).

Traditional design is probably the one most of us are attracted to because it works well with the rest of our home's decor and theme.

It lays out the basics so that we have a good starting point to add our personal preferences without being too over-the-top or committed to a more specific design style - like country, cottage or modern.

With traditional, we can add our own personality touches and still maintain the long-lasting classic beauty of the style.

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