Too much white in my rental kitchen

by Marilee
(Ohio, USA)

I rent my home and my kitchen is all white - floors, walls, cabinets, appliances, with a beige countertop. BORING!

What can I do to add some color that wouldn't be permanent?

I can't afford to change out expensive things like the countertops (though I'd dearly love to). I thought of painting the walls, but going around all the windows, doors, cabinets and everything would be a lot of work. And I will have to re-paint back to white before I move out.


Paint is always a great color solution - so why not just paint the ceiling? Ceilings are usually devoid of obstacles except for light fixtures, so painting around those might work for you.

I saw a kitchen recently that was mostly white and the ceiling was painted a beautiful wine-purple color!

Think about what color makes you feel good all over - orange or lime green or robin's egg blue or...any color you like!

Then you can furnish the kitchen with accents that pick up on the ceiling color - throw rugs, curtains, dishtowels, pitchers and bowls, even dinnerware. And artwork on the walls can highlight your color choice too.

Just remember that darker colors going back to white will need a good primer first. And painting ceilings, though less labor intensive than walls, can be a bit of strain on your neck and shoulders. But I believe the results could be amazing!

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