To paint, stain or replace?

by Liz aka

Yucky Cabinets

Yucky Cabinets

We bought an older home last year. I cannot decide what to do about our kitchen cabinets. The photo is one of the kitchen just before we moved in. As you can see in the photo, we have floor to ceiling cabinets. But they are UGLY!

I have always wanted black cabinets but my husband thinks it will be WAY too much black with the amount of cabinets we have. So, he suggests a black stain.

The rest of my family thinks I should paint them off white. I don't like off white at all. I also hate our tile flooring. I would prefer wood floors,laminate or even carpet to tile. We live on a half acre, and it is impossible to keep clean.

Your design tips will be much appreciated.


I like the black cabinet idea...and I'm a fan of getting what you've always wanted.

But to keep it from really swallowing up the space - and the light! - why not consider doing just the base cabinets in black? The wall cabinets could be left the wood tone they are, and maybe replace the doors with glass doors to give a more open feeling. You might put some lights in some of the wall cabinets to brighten the space and make the room glow.

If you go with all black, I'd definitely do glass doors, with lights inside, and a white cabinet interior to reflect light and also "go" with your white appliances.

Whether to paint or stain? I vote for paint - a shiny black would look stunning.

As far as flooring - maybe a light colored hardwood to reflect light (lighter tones show less dirt, too) and contrast with the black base cabs.

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