Small Kitchen Plans

Here are small kitchen plans to show you how several small kitchen layouts - all from real-life - can be improved.

Layout is the key to how well a kitchen works...little ones OR big ones!

Do you want it bigger? Better? Or both?

When it comes to remodeling ideas for small kitchens, these are the basic options:

  • Keep the room size the same and rework the layout.
  • Enlarge or open up the room.
  • Move the kitchen to another room.

You might think the more drastic the change, the higher the cost...but that's not always true!

You can make minor layout changes and spend big bucks on cabinets and appliances.

Or you can put your money into removing one wall to open up the room, keep your same cabinets, and add an island!

Small kitchen plans that work are the ones that use common sense to fulfill the needs of the cook AND her family members - they all use the kitchen, too.

Small kitchen plan #1

Here's an awkward set-up with an eating bar.

Sure, you could remove the bar and add an island - if there's enough space in the adjoining room.

You could bump out the exterior wall a few feet to enlarge and enhance this kitchen - no need to borrow space from another room.

Another plus - the stove is out of the corner. And the island is optional - could even be one on wheels.

Plan #2

Here's one of the worst layouts ever! A very small kitchen with a poorly placed door to the about a traffic flow nightmare!

The fridge is big and the stove is in the wrong place so you have to "do-si-do" just to get around the room. AND there's no dishwasher - ouch!

One solution is to relocate the door to another room.

Bring the fridge down to one end. Move the stove to the opposite wall. On the "blank" wall, add 12" deep wall cabinets from floor to ceiling for lots of storage.

And for goodness' sake, install a dishwasher!

Another solution is to open up a wall and add an island!

This is actually one of the best small kitchen plans for enlarging a space...but always consult a professional when walls are coming down.

If you couldn't logically move the exterior door to another room, then change the location of the interior door - generally less costly to do.

Rather than do a claustrophobic U-shape, the galley layout feels roomier and allows the appliances to be placed where they make sense.

The refrigerator is now a side-by-side which isn't as deep as the original fridge.

Open shelving on the traffic wall offers storage and a place for keys, wallets, cell phones and mail - all the junk that clutters up kitchen counters near an entry!

Plan #3

This tiny beach house kitchen measures six feet by six feet!

And the homeowner loves to cook!

Adding insult to injury, you walk through this postage stamp of a kitchen to get to another room at the back of the house.

There's only one way to solve this - move it to another room!

The kitchen was relocated to the little-used dining room, with one bit of wall removed to comfortably house the fridge, and the doorway slightly enlarged.

The old kitchen is now a butler's pantry with bar sink, wine storage, and 15" deep floor to ceiling storage along one wall.

And yes, there's still through-traffic. But the bar sink and fridge are usually the destination when coming in from the back, and with the expanded layout, everything works just fine.

I hope to keep adding more Small Kitchen Plans to inspire you with options you may not have thought of before.

In the meantime...

...Need help with your own small kitchen plans? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to Ask me a question!

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