Shade of tiles for the kitchen floor

by Tara

My cabinets are in the three pastel shades of pink, green and violet. As I am planning to replace the floor tiles which are white, and absorb dirt stains ... I wonder what floor colour would not clash with the pastel shades while ensuring that it doesn't show up dirt easily.

My answer:
Normally I like mid-tone floor tiles for hiding dirt. But your kitchen colors are really unique and a medium-toned floor would be too dark for them.

I think a neutral color like beige would work with the three colors. Since the cabinet colors are light pastels, keep the beige fairly light too...and try avoid a yellow-ish beige. One with a bit more pink undertone might be a better choice.

Beige tiles will show less dirt than white, and if you get some with a bit of subtle variations in color, they'll be even better in masking little bits of dirt.

Of course, if you plan to keep the color scheme forever and really want to rock the room, go with either a pink, green or violet tile to match the color on the cabinets! Wow! Specialty tile places could probably find you the right shade.

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Sep 22, 2011
Thanks a lot!
by: Tara

That was really helpful.

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