Modern Kitchen Design

No fuss. No frills. Just elegant simplicity - that's modern kitchen design!

This beautiful condo kitchen was designed by the homeowners!

Okay, they did have help from a Lowe's kitchen designer...but STILL! (Think what YOU can do!)

The Kraftmaid cabinets are a sleek, modern Euro-style.

The Miele vent hood is a strong focal point that brings out the "industrial" side of contemporary style.

Modern kitchen design basics

This kitchen style can seem sterile and cold to some, clean and fresh to others. Making it unique to you is the most important factor, incorporating some or all of the following:.

  • Clean, geometric lines and angles
  • Smooth cabinet doors ("slab" style), sometimes with horizontal lift
  • Man-made materials - steel, chrome, copper, glass, acrylic, concrete, laminate
  • Minimalist style - a place for everything, and everything in its place.
  • Large, simple hardware
  • Limited color palette
  • Stainless steel appliances

The Kraftmaid cabinet doors are covered with a low-maintenance poly vinyl finish.

The matte finish softens the look.

How cool is this?

The Gaggenau "lift" oven opens down at the touch of a button! Load it up, press the button and it raises the food into its cooking chamber. Compact yet can hold more than you'd expect!

(Unfortunately it seems to be no longer available)

Design details

The couple wanted to "warm up" the somewhat hard, cold look of a modern kitchen. Here's how they did it:

  1. Dacor cooktop in charcoal color LOOKS black but doesn't have the sharpness of pure black.
  2. Solid surface Corian countertop in white was the homeowners' first choice, though others might have gone with black.
  3. Touches of red introduce a bit of whimsical retro style.
  4. Note the accent tiles in the backsplash - more whimsy! And the perfect, subtle finishing touch to an inviting space.

Modern plays well with others

The bold, clean look of contemporary style is often used in harmony with traditional design which can soften the "hard edges" of modern and put a sleek spin (such as stainless appliances) on a more classic room.

Modern touches are easily incorporated into an eclectic kitchen, too, where vintage style works well with industrial accents.

Modern means easy-care

The simplicity of this style rewards you with less clutter, less unnecessary stuff, less fuss.  If you're a neat freak, modern is made for you!

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