Lots of doorways in kitchen

I have 5 doorways in my kitchen making it very difficult to place cabinets on the walls. I have a pantry door that meets the upstairs door in the corner. Next wall has porch door in the corner. and the next wall has doors to the dining room and hall in the middle 6" away from each other. And there is a closet door under the stairs. HELP!

My answer:
Wow! I think you hold the world record for doors in a kitchen!

If this were a living room, you'd sometimes have enough room to move the furniture out into the room and let traffic flow around the edges of the furniture grouping. If your kitchen is pretty large, you could place a big working island in the middle, with plenty of storage in it, and place other cabinets and appliances wherever they'd fit on the wall space you have to work with.

But in my experience this many doors means more of a vintage home and the kitchen is probably fairly small. Here are some ideas to consider for a smaller space:

1. Could you re-locate any of the doors? For instance, the door to the hall - could it be closed in and traffic to the hall be re-routed some other way? Or the under-stairway access door - can it be moved to the hall or another more out-of-the-way spot?

Changing the location of the porch door might help - instead of it being in the corner, would it create a more cohesive cabinet set-up if it were moved out of the corner to another location on that wall?

2. If the porch door swings into the room and takes up space, you may be able to change it to open out. The pantry door could be changed to a curtain or bi-fold door if it's inconvenient to open now.

3. If there is another way into the dining room, you could close in the bottom half of the door to accommodate a base cabinet and leave the top half open to use as a pass-through.

4. You might also consider more major remodeling options: moving the kitchen to another room, opening up a wall to an adjacent room, or bumping out an outside wall to add more space.

If you'd like to send me some photos, I may be able to offer more specific solutions. Good luck!

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Dec 02, 2011
Lots of doorways
by: Bobbie

I've spent many sleepless nights trying to get as much use out of our terribly designed kitchen as I can. Yes, our house was built in 1888. The kitchen is 14x17 which seems big but nothing works design wise.When we tried to move things around before, you could still see the outline of the original sink which was cast iron.Everything was probably in the pantry! I want a mudroom and a desk area for the kids and a work area for cooking. I think I think i may be asking too much of my kitchen!

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