Kitchen wall color

by Nadya
(Northern VA)

Hi, we are buying a home, it is 6 years old, no upgrades. Cabinets are maple, very light stain, but not yellow undertones, it is pinkish. Countertops are black-grey with bluish tint. I can't figure out what color will make this kitchen look better, paint is the only thing we can afford to change. We always use Benjamin Moore brand paint. Thank you in advance for your help.

My answer: What a pretty house! It's unfortunate, though, that the cabinet wood has pink undertones and the flooring has yellow ones. In this case I'd probably leave the walls white - especially since the room is architecturally linked to other rooms.

But a tile backsplash might be a good area to add color - perhaps basic tiles in taupe, gray, and black with accent colors in the tiles in turquoise or bright blue (or both). Then I would place a few large bowls or plates or pitchers atop the cabinets in those bright colors. You could also add countertop accents like a fruit bowl or canisters in those colors to really bring the look together.

A backsplash can be an inexpensive addition - probably not much more than a few cans of name brand paint. If you want to do it yourself (it's not hard to do), see my page on
How to Tile a Backsplash.

Down the road you might decide to refinish the cabinets to give them a new color, but for now - since they're new and great-looking - I'm sure you'd rather work with what you have.

Hope this helps!

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