Kitchen flooring and countertop colors

My cupboards are pine with a honey stain my walls are norwester tan and my floor and countertops are light.

I want to change my floor and coutertops and was thinking
of dark. I like the greys. I have a big space and lots of light.

I have a very old white and tan vinyl and was thinking of
a new darker vinyl.

What do you think? Is vinyl the most durable flooring?
I have 3 small dogs and lots of traffic in my kitchen.
Will a darker floor and countertops look good?

My answer:

I like the idea of darker countertops and floor for your kitchen color scheme. I think the change of colors will really transform your space.

Be careful not to go too dark on the floor...every little bit of dirt will be visible, believe it or not! If you choose something dark, make sure it has some color variations to hide any specks of dirt.

The countertop in a dark gray will work, too - look for a warm gray with brown undertones rather than blue ones. The brown will complement the yellow undertones of the wood cabinets and the tan walls.

As far as vinyl being the most durable kitchen flooring, I'd say no. The most durable is tile. The surface of vinyl can be visibly scratched and marked fairly easily because the color is only on the surface.

However, I like vinyl flooring - it's easy to clean and warmer to walk on than tile. It's more economical too, and the self stick tiles are an easy do-it-yourself project. Good luck to you!

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