Kitchen Color Schemes

Choosing kitchen color schemes can be exciting - and yes, a little scary!

There's big expense involved in remodeling this room, more so than any other room in your house.

So the colors you choose are more than just today's whim - they must last and make you happy into the future.

Kitchen color schemes are important

Kitchens have a long "shelf life" - 20 years is the average time before another major remodel - and you want to get it right.

After all, the kitchen is the center of your home, for family meals and, in many kitchens, entertaining friends.

And let's face it, YOU have to work there on an everyday basis, so the kitchen colors have to make you feel good about being there!

Kitchen colors can create a total transformation, even just by changing the wall color and a few accessories.

This section is designed to help you visualize all the options for your own kitchen - and inspire you to pick out the perfect kitchen colors for you!

Interview with a Color Expert - Gloria Daniels, color expert and interior decorator, gives plenty of helpful tips and a great overall view of how to choose colors for kitchen walls, cabinets and more. Don't miss it!

Kitchen Color Design - Where to begin, and how to make color decisions that really work

The Color Story of a Kitchen - How great color choices for this condo kitchen remodel helped create a unique and charming space

Kitchen Wall Colors - How to narrow down the myriad of choices to The One you'll love for years

Floor Colors for Kitchens - Get to the bottom of why floor colors are so important and the criteria for choosing the right one for you

Ceiling Colors for Kitchens - White and more white? Not always, though here are reasons why white is good AND which other colors can work

Kitchen Appliance Colors - A photo gallery to show how appliances colors like stainless, white, and black work for different kitchen color schemes

Kitchen Cabinet Colors - Dark to light wood to non-wood colors, here are lots of ways to help you choose

White Kitchens - Photo gallery of white kitchens in all their pristine glory

Click on the links above to get started!
P.S. If you're really stumped on colors for your kitchen - even after browsing through this section - I'll be glad to help! Feel free to Ask Me a Question!

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Kitchen Makeovers you can do in a weekend!

Add more storage with roll-outs! Under the sink base is an area you can use to store pots and pans.

Paint the ceiling a new color!

Buy fresh new rugs, dish towels and oven mitts.

Tile your backsplash.

Hang a pot rack.

Change out your cabinet hardware.

Paint the walls - or just one as an accent wall.

Hang a new utensil rack near the stove.

Install a wood countertop on the island.

Change out light fixtures.

Replace short wall cabinets with new, taller ones - they're cheaper than base cabs and using a different color can look great!

Decorate your soffits with framed vintage dishtowels or your kids' artwork.

Have a question about YOUR kitchen?

Feel free to Ask Me a Question!

Thinking of remodeling?

Keep a notebook or scrapbook of notes, clippings and ideas.

Kitchen magazines are expensive - look through them in the grocery checkout line. If you see pix of a kitchen you really like, buy that magazine.

Stop in at home centers and pick up any free cabinet manufacturers' catalogs.