Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

by Jane
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Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

I had some pull out, metal pot racks installed under the cooktop a few months back and we love them. One is a two tier that holds pot lids and the bottom holds fry pans sideways.

Then I went back to the store and purchased two side pull out units for the skinny kitchen cabinets next to it. These are under the cook top, off to the left and right.

The problem is now that we've spent $80. + $20. installation for each unit, we have no idea what they're good for. The cabinets used to open like a door and yeah you had to bend down and reach in, so the thought was having pull outs would be easier.

My original intent was to put the spices there, but my boyfriend doesn't want to squat down to get them, he'd rather walk a few feet to the left and get them out of an upper cabinet, so he thinks I wasted money on these. Maybe we're just not clued in to what is possible and you could give us some ideas?

The inside dimensions are 7.5" wide by 20.5" deep, by 18" tall.

I'd love to have these kitchen organizers in my kitchen! But I understand their space limitations and don't think I'd want to hunker down to find a spice.
Here are some kitchen storage ideas for cooking-related stuff:

  • plastic containers and lids for leftovers
  • boxes of plastic storage bags
  • foil, wax paper, plastic wrap
  • small appliances like hand mixer and electric knife
  • hot pads and gloves
  • measuring cups and spoons
  • large unwieldy utensils like BBQ tools and the soup ladle
  • small kitchen tools like morter and pestle, spoon rests, grater, garlic press
  • appliance cords
  • basket to hold gravy and sauce packets
  • knife block with knives (on top shelf if it fits)
  • spices you use all the time (salt and pepper?) - or those you rarely use
  • small cookbooks (those pamphlet-type ones might work in a basket)

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Jul 30, 2011
Thank You For the Great Answers!
by: Jane

Thank You Kitchen Design Angel! Maybe these new kitchen cabinet organizers were a good idea after all.

I never thought about putting the plastic storage bags in there, and it would save us a lot of steps instead of walking into the pantry. Moving the hot pads and storage containers was a great idea too.

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