Kitchen Appliance Colors

Kitchen appliance colors act as large color accents in kitchen color schemes. Most of us have our favorites - but if you're in doubt,  see photos below to help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

Which kitchen appliance colors appeal to you?

Stainless Steel

Today's super-popular color for a contemporary, industrial look, that mixes well with almost every style. These appliances give a kitchen a more expensive appearance - and in most cases they do cost more.

There are higher quality and lower quality stainless finishes. Stainless shows fingerprints*, dents, and scratches, and can be difficult to keep clean.

(*Frigidaire's Easy Care Stainless finish doesn't show prints.)


Classic, timeless, never goes out of style. Also often less expensive than other colors. Goes with most kitchen color schemes and styles.

Bisque or pale beige kitchen appliance colors are still available, if you don't care for bright white.


Beautiful, sleek and classy! Black can show fingerprints and scratches and needs to be kept spotless.

In this inviting kitchen, the color of appliances, countertop and accent tiles bring the design together.

Mix and Match

Black and stainless blend together well, if you're only replacing some of your appliances. You can mix a stainless steel fridge with a black stove and dishwasher, for instance.


Hide your appliances with wood panels that match your cabinetry for a seamless look. Not all cabinet manufacturers make them, not all appliances take them. This takes careful planning and coordination, but the built-in look is well worth it.

In this photo the fridge is hidden by panels, and the other appliances "show" - an attractive mix and match combination.

Here the fridge is almost invisible because it matches the beadboard on the walls.

This is a plus for small kitchens like this one, where even the illusion of space is a happy thing.

Bright Colors

Turquoise or baby blue, deep red, schoolbus yellow - appliance color trends are getting livelier!

One of my favorite sites is Big Chill, with its retro kitchen appliances in cool colors, hot colors - even custom colors!

Brightly-colored appliances can cost a lot more but the look may be just what your kitchen needs!

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