Expresso stained kitchen cabinets

I need to choose between expresso stained beechwood cabinets and kahlua stained beechwood cabinets for the kitchen.

Kitchen is medium sized, it is combined with nook and family room. Open floor plan. It has lot of windows. It has stainless steel appliances. I am planning to select saint cecilia granite counter top.

I am thinking whether the expresso stain will look too black. So does expresso stain look like black?

Please advice me on this. Even in saint cecilia I saw one darker color and one lighter color. Which one should I choose?

And if I choose expresso, what should I choose for the hardwood floor?

Normally dark colors will swallow up a lot of light and can make a space seem smaller. But because you have good light from the windows and your kitchen is open to other rooms, I think either the expresso or the kahlua cabinet colors would work fine.

Some cabinets stained expresso seem to contain quite a bit of black hue. Others are just more of a chocolate brown, like the kahlua. You may want to ask the store to loan you a door (or some kind of sample) of each of the colors you're considering and bring them home to see what the color looks like in your kitchen. Examine them in daylight and at night by artificial light.

For the countertop I'd choose the lightest shade of St. Cecelia granite, and I'd do the hardwood floors in a medium-light to light wood. These lighter colors will offset the dark cabinets and help bring out their beauty.

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