European Kitchen Design

European kitchen design reflects the lifestyle, tastes and personality of the people in each country's region.

This design style is a bit eclectic, mixing cabinetry styles and decor.

The result is a nice mixture of French Country and American traditional styles.

How to capture European kitchen style? First, choose from:

  1. EURO-MODERN - the city kitchen: knock-your-socks-off cool, sleek, innovative, ultra-stylish.
  2. EURO-COUNTRY - the country kitchen: comfy "cottagey" warm, food, family, friends.

Most Americans are drawn to the country styles - French, English, Italian.

Euro-Country is an appealing mix of the old and new, and it's more relaxed and sociable - like us!

Add some of these details
for the European kitchen design style you like best

Tuscan Kitchen Design Basics:

  • Tuscany is warm most of the year - let in lots of light and use sunny colors to the point of intense!
  • Italian families love to cook together, so you'll need room enough for more than one cook. An island is a must-have.
  • Wooden ceiling beams and other rustic touches like butcher block or a farmhouse-style table.
  • Cabinets are often medium to dark wood (although you can go lighter) with a simple panel door style.
  • Rough stucco walls or walls treated with "French plastering" - a heavy coat of plaster hand-troweled in semi-circle swirls. Or try faux finish painting to get the effect.
  • Decorative borders of olives, tomatoes, grapes and more grapes.
  • Granite or marble countertops, with backsplash in brightly patterned ceramic tile.

French Country Kitchen Design Basics:

  • Like the Italians, French families like cooking together, so include an island in your plan.
  • Earthy and natural look with walls in white or pale yellow to soft gold.
  • More intricate and sophisticated cabinetry than the other Euro-country styles, with raised panel doors, crown molding.
  • Cabinets need a rich finish in light natural wood or painted and glazed in pale neutral shades.
  • Add to the farmhouse feel with old tools on the wall or a piece of antique furniture with distressed wood finish.
  • Granite or ceramic tile countertops
  • French country needs at least one or two wrought iron accessories, and fruit and flowers or a rooster motif in some of the decor.

English Country Kitchen Design Basics:

  • Clean and simple style with beautiful ornate details.
  • Cabinets painted white or ivory, with crown or dentil molding and furniture feet or toe kicks that give the raised look of furniture.
  • Glass front wall cabinets, open shelving areas and plate racks to show off china and collectibles with the look of family heirlooms.
  • Marble or subtle-colored granite countertops.
  • Colors of the English rose garden - pink, yellow and green, with gingham or floral fabrics on curtains and cushions.
  • Regal touches like a white painted coffered ceiling and curvy Queen Anne table legs.

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