Eclectic Kitchen Design

What is eclectic kitchen design? Anything you want it to be! Don't just think outside the box - throw the darn thing away!

THIS is the design style that dares you to be's "so YOU!"

Stunning and unusual, this artist's kitchen is a fanciful mix of styles and materials.

The homeowner, Sherri, is my good friend - we had a blast redesigning her kitchen!

She wanted a design that was a touch "industrial," uniquely hers, not too expensive, and just plain other words, eclectic kitchen design!

Now, everyone who sees her new kitchen exclaims, "It's so Sherri!"

Vintage and modern go hand in hand in eclectic style.

The ceilings are lightweight metal roofing panels. The metal also wraps the back and sides of the island.

The wooden bench is a 100-year-old woodworker's bench.

(Read the story of Sherri and the bench at Kitchen Design Planning.)

Eclectic kitchen design -
style basics:

  • Subtle or strong, let it evolve naturally!
  • Feature several vintage items.
  • Treat yourself to colors you love.
  • Mix and match styles. A little country, a little rock and roll...
  • Use materials in unexpected ways.
  • Mix natural materials with man-made.

The island is topped with a tile serving bar and wrapped with the same metal as the ceilings.

The stove hood was fashioned from a galvanized bucket big enough to wash a dog!

Pendant lights were created from inexpensive metal drop lights.

The shiny metal reflects bright colors in the room.

The bright turquoise cabinets, green walls, and punches of color from Sherri's collection of other artists' work are anchored by black countertops.

This charming custom kitchen booth seats 4 comfortably (or 6 slim people!).

Plus there's room for an extra chair at the end. The drawers in the seats add extra storage.

An inset in the wall holds crockery and CD's for music to cook (and dine) by.

It's all in the details

Where do you begin when finding your own eclectic kitchen design style? And how do you pull it all together?

Here's how Sherri did it:

The antique woodworker's bench was the first "find." Too big to work as an island, it's a great workspace with small appliances along the back and cookware in metal bins underneath.

She wanted a kitchen with "industrial" features - but not a cold, lifeless style. The metal gives the right look, but with a wavy, whimsical twist.

All the cabinets are the original white laminate cabinets made new! They were painted, fitted with custom wood doors and drawer fronts, moved, rearranged and reconfigured.

(Learn how to paint laminate cabinets - and see Sherri's before and after pix - at How To Refinish Kitchen Cabinets.)

The kitchen nook fits perfectly where the original stove and food prep area were.

YOUR eclectic kitchen can feature traditional cabinets and neutral colors, or go a little wild. The beauty of this design style is that it reflects your tastes and your personality!

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Thinking of remodeling?

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