Cottage Kitchen Design

Sweet, romantic, charming, homespun - that's the essence of cottage kitchen design!

Imagine yourself in this comfy, casual bungalow kitchen.

Everything here says "HOME."

Homey style, white cabinetry, wood accents, old-fashioned charm give this style its warmth and character.

What's cottage style without beadboard?

You can use touches of it everywhere - cabinets, walls, even the ceiling!

Cottage kitchen design - style basics:

  • Bin-style drawer pulls
  • Lots of creamy white or pastels, accents in bright colors - or warm wood fnishes
  • Beadboard here, there or everywhere
  • Open shelves
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Glass-front cabinet doors
  • Light and airy feel

The ceiling - finished with wood, wallpaper and beadboard - was raised to accommodate a fan.

This unusual deep copper sink was found in an antique store.

Collectibles galore - for use, not just display - are stored on counters, shelves and in glass-front kitchen cupboards.

Design Details:

The homeowners use this Florida cottage as a winter getaway from the cold North. They didn't want to spend a fortune to create the bungalow kitchen design they wanted. Here's how they did it:

The couple did most of the remodel themselves!

Most of the cabinets, including the glass-front cupboards, were original to the house, so they had a local cabinetmaker handcraft the rest to match. They bought the beadboard doors separately and added them on everything.

They used white appliances which generally cost less and don't detract from the room's old-fashioned charm.

"A few of my favorite things"...copper accents: a hanging rack full of copper pots, copper kettles over the stove, and copper sink with copper-toned faucet.

Cottage kitchen design works well in a small room like the one pictured here, though you can incorporate touches into a larger space.

Mixing styles is always an option, too, such as using glass-front cabinets and bin pulls in a more traditional-style kitchen.

Or add beadboard to walls to soften the look of a plain cabinet style, or as wainscoting to give the room more homey charm.

An island with wood countertop and cottage-style cabinetry can often work well with traditional design.

If you can incorporate a kitchen table area, repeat the cottage design with vintage table linens. Keep chairs simple and sturdy. Add table decor of a potted plant for a centerpiece.

Use lace, dotted swiss, or ruffled curtains in soft florals or checks.

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Thinking of remodeling?

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