Colour choice for kitchen tiles


I like bright coloured interiors. But unfortunately for kitchen tiles, mainly white, cream, black and brown coloured tiles only are available in the entire market. I have a black coloured chimney hood. I like the hues of blues and greens. What should I use to make my kitchen look extraordinary and sophisticated. Moreover, is there any better option than checkered tiles mostly used for kitchens.


I assume you're talking about floor tiles for kitchens...? If so, I'm amazed that those are the only colors available in stores. Is it possible for you to order some online?

Using a neutral floor tile doesn't mean you can't have a colorful kitchen. There are options to give you color elsewhere - wall paint, backsplash and countertop, etc. Even cabinetry is available in blues and greens.

Brightly colored accessories such as curtains, hand towels, rugs, and bowls or pitchers displayed on the countertop or open shelving might be the answer to provide you with the zing of color you want.

And no, checkered floor tiles aren't the only way to go. I prescribe more shopping for you - whether online or in stores - to give you ideas that can take your kitchen colors in the direction you want.


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