Colors for small kitchens

by Diane

Because of water damage I have to put down new flooring. I only have 1 small window in my kitchen. My cabinets have to stay and they are a maple or sort of oak color. I want to put down a gray floating vinyl flooring, and some type of red color on the walls. Only have one solid wall and bulk head above cabinets.

Can I use these colors or should I go with another color of gray on the walls? what color of black splash should I use above bottom cabinets. countertops are sort of a pearly color. Sink and refrigerator are black. I don't have any pictures as yet.

My answer:
I love your idea of red walls! I thought at one time of doing my own small kitchen with red walls and white cabinets. The beauty of a small kitchen like yours is if you try it and don't like it, it's not difficult - or costly - to change.

That being said, I have a few thoughts...

1. With only one window will there be enough light in the room? Red is a strong color that could make the space "close in" on you.

2. You might try painting the one wall in red as an accent wall, and doing the bulkhead in pale gray or even white.

3. The backsplash in a red room would probably be best in white or as combo of gray and white. But if you decide to paint the walls pale gray you could do a colorful backsplash with red in the tiles. Then add red accent pieces - toaster, fruit bowl, dish towels,etc. - to set it off.

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