color of wood flooring

by sharon
(Frisco tx)

I am renovating my kitchen and have decided to not only put hardwood flooring in kitchen/breakfast area, but throughout the house. I cannot decide on wood floor color as I want to keep kitchen open/light as it only has one window in breakfast area. I am stuck on deciding which way to go light or dark. I am downsizing from a very large two story to a one story level. I do not want to feel closed in.

I am doing white custom cabinets with a light chocolate glaze. Can you help me move forward with a decision?

Thanks much. I really enjoy your site it is so insightful.

My Answer:

Dark flooring shows dirt - light flooring (other than very light) rarely shows any dirt. I can tell you this from personal experience!

Now I know dark flooring is all the rage on kitchen TV shows, but how much cleaning do you want to do?

Light flooring would be my choice - either a light or even a medium-tone wood color will keep things light and bright in your kitchen, and would probably go nicely with the glaze on your cabinets.

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