Ceiling Colors for Kitchens

When choosing ceiling colors for kitchens, most of us think white.

And white is good. It's a classic ceiling color that helps make a room feel larger and more airy.

But white isn't all there is.

Kitchen color schemes usually include a wall color in shades of peach, yellow, green, beige, or whatever your little heart desires. You could paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the wall color.

If you've chosen your kitchen paint colors from a paint chip that has deep to paler shades of the basic color - say apple green - think about the possibility of using a color on the paint chip that's lighter than the one you've chosen for the walls. 

OR, if yours is a white kitchen, with white cabinets and white walls, try pale blue or seafoam green for the ceiling to set off an all white kitchen. A beautiful way to frame the color is to use crown molding in white.

You can also paint a darker shade of your wall color on the ceiling to visually bring it down close and give the room a cozier feel.

Another option: paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This works very well with lighter colors - plus you don't have to worry about "cutting in" where the ceiling and walls meet.

But you don't even have to use paint.

Other options for ceiling colors include:

Wood - Use flooring wood on the ceiling, or wood like the cedar planks in this cottage kitchen.

These homeowners raised the center to accommodate a fan and covered the surface with heavy raised wallpaper with beadboard sides.

Metal - There are lots of ways to use metal, in tiles with a pressed-tin look, or in sheets, as in this eclectic kitchen.

The homeowner wanted an industrial look for not much money and chose metal sheets of roofing material.

The metal was also used to wrap three sides of the island.

Faux finish - You can paint a faux finish on your ceiling, OR put up tiles (even over popcorn!) made from PVC and other materials to look like metal, marble, or a Victorian white ceiling. 

Check out Talissa Decor for unusual ceiling tiles.

The ceiling, like all parts of your kitchen color scheme, should complement the rest of your kitchen colors, setting off your cabinets, walls, and so on.

Be imaginative! And have fun with it!

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