Can a farmhouse sink fit in a regular sink cabinet?

by Jill

I want to change out my typical double bowl stainless sink to a farmhouse sink. Can I use the same sink base cabinets and just remove the decorative panel from the front?

Dimensions: 2 cabinet doors 21.5 H x 16 wide
decorative drawer front above doors 34 3/4 long x 5 3/4 wide
cabinet height from floor to counter top overhang 34"
base width 36"

MY ANSWER: The doors of your current sink base will be too tall to accommodate the farmhouse sink. The base you need has a larger front panel for the sink to overlap. The doors will be shorter than the doors you now have on your regular sink base.

You might want to go to your local home center or cabinet store and ask to see a farmhouse sink base to see how they differ.

If you decide to buy one, incorporating it into your existing kitchen may present a challenge if you can't find cabinetry to match yours. I suggest buying a different wood color - or even a painted finish - since mix 'n' match is a popular trend in cabinetry. To help coordinate the new color, add something else to the a spice rack or shelves or any kind of accent...with the same color or wood tone as your new sink base color.

Kohler has come out with a new stainless "Vault" apron-front sink that you can mount in a regular sink base cabinet! The front panel has been shortened to make it fit in your existing sink base.

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