Adding cabinets over wall cabinets

by patricia
(elmhurst il usa)

Would 12" cabinets look ok stacked on top of 36" wall cabinets? Also I was thinking of 12" cabinets with glass doors. How would that look? There is no soffit over the 30" cabinets.

My answer:
If you mean cabinets that are only 12" wide, it may look great...or it may not, depending on several things.

Cabinets over cabinets on a wall will work if the doors line up with the doors on the cabinets below them. The idea is to give the cabinet unit a seamless look, as if it's one tall unit but with a smaller glass door on top.

If your 36" cabinets have 3 doors, then the 12" wide cabs would work perfectly. If there are only 2 doors - 18" wide each - then the 12" wide doors above would look odd.

If you have 2-door cabs, there are 18" wide by 12" tall cabinets you might consider adding. I'm not sure if the elongated look would give you what you're looking for, though.

If your cabinets are 2-door, I'd suggest you go to your local home center and describe what you want done. Have them draw it up on their software so you can get a realistic picture to see if you like the addition.

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