Adding an induction stove to an island kitchen?

by Andrea
(Los Angeles, CA)

We have a large island kitchen with a 10' long island running down the center. Our stove is currently at the end of the kitchen along the back wall and has a vent over it. This makes it hard for me to stir in tall pots. With our standard 4-burner range, I can't fit large pots or pans on each burner, so I have to do holidays and dinner parties in shifts.

We're considering adding an induction stove to the island. There's already electricity to the island (and I think that's what we need?).

Do we have to add another vent over the induction stove?

The ceilings are high and we have hanging decorative lamps, so if we need a vent it's going to be a deal killer for us.

I'd love to figure out a way to add 2-3 more burners (and maybe even a grill!) to that island. Any advice you can give me is appreciated.

MY ANSWER: There are cooktops with downdraft exhaust systems which make it unnecessary to have an overhead vent. Jenn-Air was the first to come out with this feature, I believe, and other appliance companies like GE have added this option to their line.
That being said, for ordinary cooking I don't think an overhead vent is an absolute. For grilling, yes. But for boiling pasta, simmering chicken soup, etc., how many times do you really need it? You could even add a ceiling fan to the room if you don't already have one. Or an attic fan - I love them! They're so strong and effective for all kinds of reasons.

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