L-shape Kitchens

L-shape kitchens are often the easiest kitchen layout to reconfigure.

There's usually a blank wall or empty space left by the L you can use for storage, an eating area, even an island!

Your L-shape kitchen may already open to other rooms, but in many older homes L's look just like the one below.

Here's a basic L-shape layout.

The appliances and sink line two walls, leaving an area opposite for miscellaneous storage...remember the baker's rack craze?

Easy additions to an L-shape kitchen

If you want to add a lot of storage that won't take up much space, consider stacking wall cabinets.

They're only 12" deep and you can stack 'em as high as you like on that empty wall.

Or place some wall cabinets on the floor (36" high wall cabinets would work well), and add a shallow countertop. Then you can hang wall cabinets above, if you like...OR, for a more roomy feeling, open up the wall with a pass-through "window."

12" deep cabinets won't hold big stuff like larger pots and pans, but for pantry space and small appliances, they're perfect! PLUS wall cabinets cost less than base cabinets.


You will have to add a toe kick or riser to wall cabinets on the floor...otherwise you'll never be able to open the doors.

Remodel ideas for L-shape kitchens

The L design forms the perfect eat-in kitchen.

Mom cooks and serves from one area of the room while Dad and the kids chow down at the kitchen table.

Well, that's how it worked back in the day...but the layout still accommodates a kitchen table. Unless the room is spacious, though, the table must be pushed against the wall and may only seat two or three comfortably.

The L was MADE for this!

Turn your L into an island kitchen by opening up one wall...

...OR TWO!

You may need extra support for the ceiling like the pillar I've drawn in.

NOTE: Always consult a professional when playing with walls.

And then there's the double L.

I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the space can feel confined.

This is an actual kitchen layout I redesigned into...


The kitchen already opened to the dining room, but removing the bar made this homeowner's kitchen feel bigger and actually work better.

Though she sat at the bar for morning coffee, the counter became a clutter magnet.

For the remodel, the fridge was moved to the opposite wall to give her more counter space by the stove.

The new refrigerator stands between two sets of upper and lower cabinets, providing a resting place when removing fridge items, and a handy coffee pot spot near the dining room.

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